On this page we will try to highlight other conferences and ministries that we believe are worthy of our attention.

We will be adding links as we have time and opportunity.

Disclaimer: Please note that clicking on any of the links on this page will take you away from our website to other sites over which we have no control. While we support these ministries, we cannot guarantee that everything on their site is endorsed by the Last Days Bible Conference Association.

Conferences in Western Canada

There are a number of other like-minded organizations or churches who hold annual conferences in Western Canada. Here are links to some websites:

Southern Manitoba Prophecy Conference

Discerning the Times (Saskatoon)

Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry Canada

Speakers from the 2023 Conference

John Haller - Fellowship Bible Chapel 

Karl Kerby - Reasons for Hope 

​Chris Katulka - Friends of Israel 

Pastor Ron Stone - Parkdale Grace Fellowship

Other Links

Lighthouse Trails
     A great source of books and publications on subjects like the Emerging Church, Contemplative Prayer and Spirituality, New Age Thought, etc.

Warren B. Smith
     Warren Smith is a former New Age Follower who, since becoming a Christian, has devoted his life to proclaiming the truth. He has written a number of books exposing error that is creeping into the church today.

Speakers from the 2024 Conference

Calvin Smith - Answers in Genesis

Carl Teichrib - Forcing Change

​Larry Mitchell - Friends of Israel 

Pastor Ron Stone - Parkdale Grace Fellowship