2011 Conference

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Session 1:  Bruce Scott - The Coming Apostasy
Session 2:  Bill Goetz - A Dangerous Trojan Horse Invades the Church
Session 3:  Vance Nelson - The Bible and Evolution: What’s at Stake
Session 4:  Bill Goetz - The Death of Discernment
Session 5:  Vance Nelson - Digging up the Fossils: Evidence for Creation and the Flood
Session 6:  Bruce Scott - The Future Invasion of The Holy Land (Ezekiel 38-39)
Session 7:  Vance Nelson - Dragons: The Missing Link in Dinosaur History
Session 8:  Bruce Scott - Is the United States on the Road to Armageddon?
Session 9:  Bill Goetz - Dominionism, The Emergent Church, and the Coming Global Supra-Religion
Session 10:  Vance Nelson - The Brief History of Mankind: Journey From Babel
Session 11:  Bruce Scott - All Things New: Life in the Eternal State