2024 Conference Dates
Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th

Preparing for the End, What can the Righteous Do?
Revelation 12:6-7; Psalm 11:3

Dr. Ed Hardesty (Retired Professor of
Bible, Archaeology and Jewish Studies)
Larry Mitchell (Friends of Israel)
Calvin Smith (Answers in Genesis)
Ron Stone (Parkdale Grace Fellowship)
Carl Teichrib (Forcing Change)




Montgomery Community Association
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YouTube Link:  www.youtube.com/channel/UCfL0WNznCd34RWddrp51s-Q

About Us
The Last Days Bible Conference is an annual two day event held every spring in southern Alberta. The conference is sponsored by the Last Days Bible Conference Committee, an independent, non-denominational organization based in southern Alberta.

The purpose of the conference is to provide helpful insight into doctrinal and practical challenges facing the church today and to encourage the body of Christ through the unchanging Word of God....Learn More

Financial Update
        We praise God for the way He provides for this ministry. Our reserve for preparing for the 2024 conference is smaller than in previous years. But we praise the Lord for everyone who has supported us and we know that as long as the Lord wants us to continue this conference He will provide the funds.
        However, if you feel the Lord prompting you to support this ministry please go to our "Donations" page to see some options for giving. All gifts over $20 will receive a tax-deductible receipt.